Technologies.ca chronicles the essential battles in the war on the open Internet.  Whether those battles are fought over search engine listings, app world inclusion, domain name seizures, or ISP level IP address or application protocol filtering, or the chilling effects of pervasive surveillance, the end result is often a step down the slippery slope of censorship toward totalitarianism.

We believe that the ends do not justify the means.  There is little evidence that the continued success of The Pirate Bay has actually inhibited the creation of new music or movies.  Or that the release of NSA secrets has harmed US security.

We believe that none of the usual justifications for any of the attacks on the open Internet have any scientific truth to them.  They are nothing more than excuses for profit seeking.  We curate these articles to demonstrate specifically this point.

It is our challenge to reconcile the desire for user data by industry and government with the fundamental rights and basic principles of civil rights and privacy.